Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: June joy: part one

So much to be thankful this month, actually this whole year...
The year began with the hubs working 8 hrs west of home, I had decided to stay at mom's until
1.  DJ and Brittany were married in March (beautiful, beautiful wedding:)

Great people I got to enjoy in May!
2.  Taylor and Lindsey had granddarling #7 in May (beautiful, beautiful baby:)

THEN I was able to join the hubs at the work site, in our cute guest house (that HE remodeled with all the luxuries.)
Sweet guest house and 'new' pump house (on hill) that houses washer and dryer.

 After they tore down the old farm house, sweet hubs put a washer and dryer in the new pump house, just for me. 
Red-neck clothes line
 BUT the dryer wouldn't hook up, so I used chairs and PVC pipe to hang up our laundry. 
 We planned on being gone five days, so this was plenty of time to dry everything.
  {side note: the hubs got to put all this stuff up when he got back, and SOON after, a new dryer was found:)}
LadyBelle, after being BANNED from the bed, over seeing my packing:)
 Then it was time to pack, drive 8 hours to pick up mom, then drive 18 hours to Wisconsin.
Bride and Groom to be!
 For SS Aaron and Liz's wedding!!!
Day one was driving.
Day two was lunch with the couple, wedding rehearsal, and pizza dinner. 
Granny (mom) and her oldest GREATgrandchild, Audrey.
 Day three, precious grandgirl, Audrey stopped by and wowed us with her awesomeness.
FOUR generations!!!  Me, mom, Tiffany and Audrey 6/12

 Got my four generation pictures (why don't I do this with my grandboys????)
Girl power!!

Of course her mom, SD Tiffany and dad, Colyn came too.
Love these people. 

Colyn, Tiff, Audrey
 Not sure why I always seem to take pictures with TOO much sun.

 Behind our motel room was this stream and swan. 
 You can tell he is a pet, and used to people...
Every time he saw people, he FLUFFED up and showed his MANness. 

Audrey 5 1/2 yrs old 6/12

 Audrey is our oldest grandkiddo, and she is so much like her mama.
We just spent our time drooling over her...(like good grandparents do:)
Me and the hubs!!!
 Then, we dolled up for the wedding!!!

THE flower girl...
 Ms. Audrey was the flower girl, loved her green dress...
Audrey and Granny

Colyn, Audrey, Tiff

Colyn, Audrey, Tiffany

The hubs, Groom, Bride, and Smiling Step-mom:)
The hubs, Aaron, Liz, Me, Mom 6/12
 Look short don't I?  I'm not, I'm just surrounded by GIANTS.
With mom...

With hubs...

Mr. and Mrs.

Proud papa (hubs with Aaron, hubs, Tiffany)


Tiff and Colyn

Mrs. Swan and mom
 Day four, time to leave.
We had to take pictures of the beauty behind our motel.

 MRS. Swan...Mr. Swan liked to shoo her away, she was not aggressive,  unlike MR. Swan...
 Hubs, and I (and LilDog who had to come along because my dogsitter went on vacation:)
Evergreens like these don't do well in East Texas, so we just oooooo'ed and aaaaahhhhh'ed at the trees.  Also, there is a paved walk along the stream, winding through the trees, to a gazebo and back. 
 It was spring time there, so everything was green and in bloom. 
 The motel we stayed in, our room was the bottom left room, I think we had the best view, AND a back entrance.
Well done, Super 8, well done. 

Audrey burrito!
 We popped by Tiff's motel room to say goodbye AND  love on the grandgirl.
Mom had made quilts for all the grands and hand delivering this one to Audrey was perfect.

The hubs "Poppy" aka tickle monster

Mr and Mrs the 'day after'
 Then we drove by and hugged the new couple, they had partied til 3 am, so they were SO tired.
We then headed out of town, for home...
BIG thanks to Tiffany and Aaron for making us feel so special!!!
Congratulations to the new couple!!!!!

I am so thankful we have been able to do all this.
I am thankful for the great people to do it with.
Too see ALL my children, AND all my grandbabies within a month of each other is  huge.
Thank you God for these connections.
Help me honor them.
Bless my peeps.
They are awesome.

Happy Thankful Thursday:)


Jim and Sandie said...

Busy, wonderful, beautiful family and wedding time.

Julie said...

YOU are awesome! WOW! Your little princess, Audrey is the shot of her on the stairs in her dress and silver shoes! Priceless! She and you Mom look identical! Actually it is so amazing to see all the 4 generations of you gals together...the genes are nearly identical, eh??? Congrats to the new couple!!!
xoxo- Julie

Zaroga said...

I enjoyed this post, Carla. Everyone is so happy and it shows.