Friday, July 6, 2012

Fertilizer Friday: 7/6/12

I have been away from this house 3 weeks.
I left the hubs in charge of loving caring watering my plants.
What did I come back to?
Death and destruction.
{before:  Lush and Happy }
Dead.  Luckly most was bean plants, but my starts from MD were in there too.  :(  
Boo Hoo. 
Watering plants is not hubbys thing.  
AMAZING any thing lived. 

Sad house plants, and another grow pot
 Most the homeowner's house plants were laying down, and after a good soaking they stood up.
Gonna have to cut off all those dead leaves.

 I brought another grow box from home, it already had two squash plants (I may or may not keep), green beans, strawberry, pepper, and three starter plants from our trip to WI.
I decided to use this one for starter plants from this area.

 Pigeon berry.  These do well in our area of Texas.

 LOTS of horseherb. 

almost dormant horseherb
 Here, in west Texas, this is an awesome shady ground cover.  When it gets regular water, it is glossy green, prostrate, soft on the feet, with tiny little yellow blooms.  During dry times it rolls up and waits for rain.
 Then when it gets water, it unrolls, fluffs up, and bloom bloom blooms.
Almost right before your eyes.
I've heard of it being used as a ground cover for dog pens, and I know it does well in east Texas. 
At home it does well in the sun or shade. 
I have two really great places to try it at mom's this fall. 

 Also, growing wild here, is horehound (gray fuzzy in back).
I mean every where.
I've had these before in east Texas and they do very well.
Three awesome plants I won't have to buy:).

Day three and the horseherb (left) is already fluffing out,  pigeon berry (back) not so much.  
Guess it will have to shed it's leaves.  

 These babies were inside, and like I said, amazingly survived...whew.

 The homeowner has been watering the garden, and it is looking good. 

Probably a Dumb Cane, Dieffenbachia
Back in June, while I was at mom's, the hubs surprized me with a flower deliverly,
I HATE cut flowers.
Well actually I hate that money was spent on cut flowers when I could have bought a live plant.
All I really ever want from him on holidays is money.
Money to spend where I want, on what I want.
When they were delivered, I was VERY pleased to see this plant!
Different pattern, proven tough,
Good job hubby dear!!!
{don't know WHY hubby was surprised I brought it to the guest house with us,
he should have known I would,
it and the grow pot rode 8 hours to the work site guest house...
along with the two bassets and the chimix!:)

Have a Very Happy Fertilizer Friday!!


Jim and Sandie said...

And your first picture is exactly why I don't have a single plant. They would all look just like that. I'm having trouble keeping Todd and Michaela's fish alive til they get back.

Beth said...

Hi Carla, I'm sorry your return home found that your plants took a hit! Glad you had a good time though.

Sonia said...

Wow..I have never heard of horseherb...I am going to definitely try to find it and grow it! What a hardy and interesting plant. Sorry about your plants..but maybe you caught them in time and with your TLC they will survive!
Miss Bloomers

Tina´s PicStory said...

looks like you have much work in your garden :) thanks for stopping by!

The Chair Speaks said...

It's good that some plants came back well after a good soaking. The last picture looks more like Chinese Evergreen than Dumb Cane. Have a great weekend! Purrs!

Donna Heber said...

Hi Carla,

I hope you are able to safe most of your plants. I feel your pain and this is one of the reasons we don't go away in the summer - no one to water my gardens :-)

Andrea said...

Oh that first photo and the story behind it is pathetic! I am glad i am not the wife, or else there will be a divorce that follows, cause irresponsibility and negligence in watering the plants. Or better off: murder!