Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show & Tell: Bunny Love

Why did Pa & Ma Bunny stick around after Easter had passed?
They were waiting for a special delivery:)

Finally the flamingo {think stork} came (Oriental Trading)

Delivering precious babies for the Bunny Couple.

Now Pa & Ma Bunny have their hands (and hearts) full, and are ready to retire until next Easter.
I wanted a couple of bunnies, with bunny babies to represent each of my kiddos. I wanted it to be touchable for my grands, and easy to display. I found Pa & Ma on Ebay (Pa is stuffed, Ma is a rag doll), and looked high and low for babies. Finally I found them on Oriental Trading (if you are looking for cheap items in lot amounts, is the place to go). These baby bunnies are in felt carrots, and have hanging loops. I unglued Ma's hands, looped on the carrots, and pinned the hands back. (Pa wanted to hold some too;). I can hang these up, or display them seated. I think the couple is quite happy:) I know I am.

Happy Show & Tell:) Join Kelli at There is no place like home for Show & Tell:)
Have a great weekend!!!!


Brandi said...

How cute! ;-)

Aubrey said...

Those bunnies are ADORABLE!
OT has some of the neatest things!!

Rhonda said...

aww the bunny family is super cute!

Susan said...

Cute. Now the family is complete!

Simply Heart And Home said...

Simply adorable! thank you for sharing your bunny family with us.


ItaJeff said...

those bunnies are so cute and it.

Have a nice day
Lots of luv,

Nola said...

What about the flamingo?

Julie said...

Cute----I love Oriental Trading--always a deal to be found. Have a super weekend. Julie

Grammy said...

That is so adorable Carla, You are very creative.

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

That is adorable and a great idea to honor each of your it!

Unknown said...

Cute idea to have bunny babies representing your children! You should put anklets on them!

Zaroga said...

Really cute!

Terry said...

Gotta love that Pink Stork ,
Congrats on all the little baby bunnies .
Oriental Trading is one of my all time favorite places to shop from way back (school carnival prizes,summer VBS ,etc.)
Thank you for sharing.
Have a blessed weekend.

i cant decide said...

That is a cute idea. Love how you told the story of the flamingo visiting them.

Anonymous said...

What a cute little bunny family! That is a sweet way to represent your kids and grandbabies too. ;)

Unknown said...

I have bunnies around the house too, my mom made them. These are cute.

Tabitha Blue said...

Oh that is really, really, really cute!!! What an adorable set, I'm sure the kids will all love to see them!!


Ps, hope you join in on Sunday Citar tomorrow!!

Unknown said...

you have assembled a great lil family there! :) I love that each baby is in a carrot - hope they don't get accidentally eaten!