Thursday, May 31, 2012

FF: 6/1/12

While the hubs is working out in west Texas, we are staying in a neat little guest house, with a nice front porch.
Front porch of our little guest house, home owner's cool rockers and table. 

I was planning on bringing my orchids (that sit in the kitchen window planter box at my mom's) because I water them daily and didn't want my mom to have to do it for me. 
Peek-a-boo frog holding mini Sharry Baby orchid in planter box.  Notice the shriveled up orchid to the right of it?  That is my big Sharry Baby orchid that I nearly killed during our move last year. Since the little one bloomed and the big one survived, I really wanted to keep an eye on them
(and daily tell them how much I love them:).
Mini Sharry Baby Orchid re blooming for me!!! The blooms lasted a very long time.  3/12 
Kitchen window sill planter at my mom's 3/12
Mom said to take the whole thing so she wouldn't have to worry about it.  So, I did.:)

Peek-a-boo frog planter that holds mini Sharry Orchid
Behind this planter box is my newest purchase, an perennial  vine, Mexican Flame Vine.
Mexican Flame Vine Senecio confusus, Mormon Tea in front
The orange is amazing.  Nursery guy said it likes water, sun, heat, and is not hardy below 30 degrees. 

I also brought two 'grow boxes' from my uncle's estate.  I just couldn't resist them, then I couldn't resist planting them, knowing I would have to bring them 8 hours on the road to where we are staying.  (I'm on a veggie kick and I can't stand the prices.)  This is my first serious food gardening, and I say it's going well.  I have two more planters to bring next time we come.  Wind whipped, I lost a few leaves, but the blooms are still on the plants.  They are planted with zucchini, summer squash, beans, and greens. 

Silver beacon ground cover and privet from Maryland
Since they are self-watering pots, I decided to try starting some cuttings.  This side has silver beacon vines, and privet my son helped me gather when we went for a walk together in Maryland.
(Yes, I FLEW home with these cuttings in my carry on bag, why wouldn't I?)

thornless locust trees

On this edge are baby Thornless Locust trees from home. I want a grove of these. Love the precious babies leaves. I'm thinking of using bush cuttings to prop up my bush beans. 

I couldn't pass this cutie up. This is my souvenir, meet Sonora, the groovy one. 

Have a groovy Fertilizer Friday.


Carol said...

Love the 2 rockers in the first picture. Understand about the price of produce! It's very high out here compared to back home (south miss), and we are veggie gardening also, mostly wanting a GOOD tomato! Hugs, Carol

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Your orchids are lovely! I have never had luck growing them, but yours are gorgeous. I also love that darling front porch--such a cozy spot.

daisy g said...

Those orange blooms are brilliant!

Rebecca said...

Hi Carla,

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Looks like you had a nice relaxing vacation in West Texas.