Tuesday, May 29, 2012

South Beaching, week one, phase one

Decided, with the hubs, to go on a diet and stick with it.
The hubs is a diabetic, and my jeans, which were loose, are now too tight (and it really bugs me, I do NOT want to go up another size).
I've done the first two weeks (detox) of the South Beach diet before and it worked great.
This diet has you cut out all sugar for the first two weeks. 
My plan is to eat about the same thing for breakfast (no brainiers), soup and roll ups for lunch, and meat and two vegs for dinner.
First I plan on cooking a lot of different things so we can create a menu.
Because my in-laws gave us so much produce, I have LOTS to work with. 
These are the recipe books I'm using, and only picking things that go with phase one. 

Sooo...here 'we' go:
B: breakfast, S: snack, L: lunch, D: dinner

5-21 Mon: up later :(
B: milk
L: scrambled eggs w/cheese, bacon, V8
D: pizza (fail ;)
5-22 Tues: up late :(
B: milk
L: scrambled eggs w/cheese, bacon, V8,
D: Dijon/ginger chicken, ranch beans, sauteed summer squash w/onion
5-23 Wed: up earlier :), took a good walk
B: scrambled eggs w/cheese, bacon, V8, sauteed spinach
L: chock full of veggies chili
S: cucumber/string cheese
D: taco salad
5-24 Thurs: up late :(  (bad habit), good walk, moved lumber
B: milk
L: chicken and spinach soup
D: skillet pork chop, Italian garden veggie saute, cucumbers
5-25 Fri: moved lumber, loaded truck to go home
B: milk
L: tomato basil Lima bean soup
S: pickle, string cheese
D: curry chicken stir-fry
5-26 Sat: mowed
L: brisket, green beans, salad, black eyed peas
D: fried chicken (fail:), deviled eggs
5-27 Sun: loaded truck
L: fried chicken (fail:)
D: chicken salad, w/nuts
5-26 Mon: sulked ;) (does that eat up calories?)
S: lunch
L: chicken salad, w/ nuts; and tomato basil Lima bean soup
S: seedless sunflower seeds, string cheese
D: Italian oven chicken, broccoli, sauteed squash w/onions

Summary: need to work on actually having snacks.  We have eaten very well, and I still have more recipes to try.  I'll post pictures and reviews of meals later.  Hubs has 'helped' review each dish and so far all are awesome.  You heard me right, Awesome. 

So, off I go to create today's menu and move forward another day:).
Currently I'm doing 'after the fact' menus, but as I compile recipes, I can do 'plan ahead' menus:).

Menu Plan Monday

Isn't this too cute?  Using a spice bottle to hold a small flower arrangement.  Just darling.

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