Sunday, May 27, 2012

Camper Tales: 5/19/12

Last weekend the hubs had a dentist appt over by our in-laws, so we went and spent the weekend at our camper. Of course we had our 'travel pups' with us.
Ladybelle helping me cook in the camper
The pooches and I mainly chilled at the camper...
Sweet Ladybelle...all ears
I took the opportunity to plan out some menus.
Ladybelle and Lil'dog helping me plan the menu...
Pregnant Onion, ZZ Plant
So nice to be able to check in on my 'camper' plants,  Donut, the camper mascot, is doing great.
I picked sedum because of their low needs (and super coolness) and I can say they are really proving me right. 
Goat plant holder, Donut


More sedums

More sedums, small day lily, mini rose
I may bring my planter to west Texas with us, we'll see.

 The view right out our camper is a wonderful large garden, which I really enjoyed harvesting:).
And the lake.  This was taken in the heat of the day, it really is greener. 

Look at them ears!!
Two years of basset awesomeness!!
 Both dogs, basset Ladybelle, and chimix Lil'dog LOVE to travel with us and really keep us company.  
I'm very impressed with how good they behave. 

hot Lil'Dog
We came to the camper, five hours from where the hubs is working, on Thursday, and came back to west Texas on Sunday, I saw a lot of people pulling over and noticed the sun was weird...
I looked it up on the hub's phone and saw it was an annular eclipse going on! 
This is where the moon is too far from the sun to block it out all the way so it makes a ring of fire. 
We had so much fun trying to get a picture of it. 
In this one you can't see how much is covered, I missed that shot, but its in my memory:).
It set before it got to the ring part, according to the web WAY west of us should have got the best view.  Too cool. 


Jim and Sandie said...

Love the fur pups. Bassets are the funnest dogs. Our neighbor had two of them and they kept us laughing. Our girls love to help me do everything also. In fact, Skittlez is helping read blogs this morning.

i cant decide said...

I love that you have camper plants! We gardeners must have a garden with us at all times!