Thursday, July 21, 2011

TT: 07/21/11 Week In Review

Friday hubby was able to take DS Eric to his favorite college for a private tour.
(Nothing planned, the right people just happen to be available and willing to share.)

Eric is attending a junior college.
He and hubby had so much fun checking out the growth of this college campus, and all the options.
Be neat to see if Eric takes the bait and goes to hubby's choice what Eric decides. 

Also Mr. Granddarling Kale stayed the weekend with us (while his daddy, SS Mike, was at drill).

Kale has always held his head to the left, never fully working out his muscles.
So, lately, for most of the day he wears a DocBand, a weighted helmet which causes him to use the neck and face muscles.
This is our second granddarling to wear one, and they are amazing.
In no time at all it will be like he never wore one at all.
And he is so young it really doesn't bother him at all.

Part of the time we take it off to 'dry' out his head.
At 7 mos he up to 3 teeth and is working on crawling and sitting up. 

Also this week we are fostering a couple of dogs from one of my elderly friends.
She went to the hospital and it doesn't look good.
The chihuahua is regrowing her hair after her last litter.
At just 1.5 yrs she looks much older.
She is a very, very good dog.  (and very very scared)

Because she can escape under our backyard fence, I took the little chi with basset LadyBelle to visit hubby at the camper.
(What a mess)
They ate separately because LadyBelle is a food hog has food issues
(probably from making sure she gets ANYTHING to eat at home around our fat basset Reba). 

Ever helpful, LadyBelle polished off the chi's food too. 
Hubby said the chi might actually be cute...
if she had hair:).

And even though we have toys at the camper, LadyBelle chose to STEAL a pair of gloves from the hubby's bag on the couch and destroy them. 

Look at this face...could you tell her no?  Us either:).

Outside the camper, planter Donut, and Flo the Flamingo were happily showing off the growth of the plants in their care. 

I thought these were mini yellow Happy Day day lilies, but you can see they are not.
Oh well...

Tiny blooms on the rose moss...

I spent the morning cleaning up after my slobby husband tiding the camper, then checked to see, and am pleased to report that we have Internet at the camper!!!  Woot Woot!!

Also I am one step closer to having all the supplies to clean the outside of the camper...maybe next week when I go back down...(I hope I hope I hope)

We are buying (one at a time) rubber mat stepping stones ($7 at Lowe's) to make our own portable walk way, and may be even a patio...

Sweet daughter, Misty, gave this to hubby for Father's day.
Its one that fits in your car window, and hubby was so pleased when it fit the camper window.

Our little (dirty) home away from home....

I am thankful to have DS Eric nearby, he is always delightful.
I missed him so much the four years he was away in the navy.
I am thankful we are close enough to watch GS Kale while his daddy serves our country locally.
I am thankful amazing doctors that notice what infants need so soon and have such wonderful methods to help them. 
I am thankful for my hubby who works so hard for our family, and always has.
I am thankful for his job, and our camper which provides a safe, sweet little place for him to stay and me to visit during the week.
I am thankful for our sweet basset girl, LadyBelle, who brings a smile to hubby's face,
I am thankful for the freedom to visit him and the means to do so.
I am thankful for our history and our friendship.

God bless on this Thankful Thursday

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