Thursday, July 14, 2011

TT: 07/14/11 Week In Review

This last week we had  little man, Kale stay the night...

Granddarling Kale

And since my DIL was down from Maryland, we set up a tack quilting at my mom's.
Mom, DS DJ, GF Brittany, DD Misty, DIL Lindsey; Granddarlings LauraJune, David, Katherine, Jeremiah
I watched the grands while the 'girls' worked at the table. 
Grandgirl, Katherine's quilt was tacked first and she TOTALLY approved of the Dora print mom found.
Mom, DIL Lindsey, grandgirl Katherine, and myself
So much fun to have most of my girls together, and four of our six grandbabies together.

Then Saturday, we picked up (visiting from MD son) Tay, and Mike and grandboy Kale, to attend son DJ's promotion at drill.
SS Mike and grandboy Kale
DJ wanted Tay to pin him, and even tho this really wasn't a 'family' thing, it was great to be there. 

Bottom Right pic: DS Taylor, hubby, DS DJ, SS Mike, grandboy Kale
Mike is in the Guard too and looks as fine as Tay and DJ do in his uniform.

We left DJ to do his drill stuff, and went to IHOP:), woohoo IHOP pancakes!!!

Then we dropped off Mike and Kale, and took Tay back to his in-laws where they were preparing to load up and fly back to Maryland.

Tay and Lindsey
I'm very blessed, and so thankful to have family close by (and Facebook for those not so close by).
Have a lovely, Thankful Thursday!! 


Val said...

You should be proud!! And I am like you I love facebook to keep in contact with others that are not close. Love your pics!

ladyviral said...

Great family potraits!

Curiousity... what is baby Kale wearing... looks like a safety helmet >.<; Sorry I don't know what it is...