Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Heavy Drinker?

Or water shortage?

Ever the lady, Queen Uno drinks from her paw...
Guess who's water bowl was empty?
Guess who didn't get the 'hint' when Uno came to inform of the issue? 

Guess who got up and filled the bowl?
AND said she was sorry...

~All Hail Queen Uno~

~God Safe The Queen~


Diann said...

That is just too cute!

Photo Cache said...

I get the look when Emma finds her cup half empty. She trained me well.

Emma and Buster

Gattina said...

That's an offence to the Queen !
Poor majesty !

Barbara said...

LOL! Well that told you! I've never seen a cat drink like that before, Pepper pulls biscuits out of the dish with her paw, and used to enjoy flicking water from the dish at the other cats when she was a kitten. Obviously she's too mature and ladylike to do anything like that now :O)