Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birthday 5

We finished our workcation with a LONG drive
1387 miles home.
We did a 'drive by' the Washington Temple...
Seeing this from the highway was just amazing,
close up even more amazing...
The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Washington DC Temple

Loretta Lynn's

Then we decided to zip by Loretta Lynn's house.
I could have burst.
We didn't do the tour.
Kind of wish we had.
She even has a RV park.
I can see us driving up there next year, staying at the RV park, doing the tours, then zipping by Dollywood. 
Yep, I'm a hilly-billy...
From there, home. 
Home Sweet Home.
3500 miles round trip.
We were super ready to be home.
The dogs were super excited too.
The cats, however, wouldn't speak to me.
I had to bribe them with food and lots of loving.

Thanks to hubby (you are one fun fella).
Thanks to DS DJ for feeding the beasts.
Thanks to SS Aaron, SD Tiffany, and DS Taylor for letting us stay with you. 
Especially SIL Colyn who helped us suprise Tiffany, and DIL Lindsey who let her new mother-in-law (me) sit on her couch for a D.A.Y.S. 
AND Grandgirls Audrey and Katherine for showering us with grandlove!!
Y'all are delightful!!

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Shirley said...

It is a beautiful temple! You should see the one in Salt Lake City!