Tuesday, January 25, 2011


With a break in the cold weather,
and feeling back to her old 'spiffy' self,
Queen Uno has initiated Spring Cleaning of the Castle. 
Being the Gracious Leader she is,
Queen Uno applies the deep cleaning first to herself.

Now that her whites are white,
and her brights are bright,
the Queen is ready to check in on her delegates.
Always involved, she is well known for her personal attention.
After a long day of  personally overseeing the work accomplished, 
the Queen
(shown here with her Granddaughter,
Princess Blu,)
retires for the evening, knowing that much was accomplished.

A happy Queen makes for a happy Kingdom.
(Princess Blu agrees)
~All Hail  Queen Uno~
~Long Live The Queen~

Yesterday was spent cleaning my bedroom.  Top to bottom.  All 'ugly' was removed and 'the prettiness' was restored.  I have decided to only have one ugly area of my house, and currently that is the pile(s) of stuff waiting to be sorted and packed at one end of the house.  How nice to go to sleep in a lovely bedroom, with a lovely view.  And to wake to that same lovely view.

How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time, and I feel I may have polished off a whole ear yesterday!   My goal for the rest of the week is to keep chomping away at my "elephant"  (ie:  my junk), and keep that elephant at one end of the house instead of oppressing me in EVERY room.

Uno was very helpful, so happy when clean sheets and folded blankets appeared on the bed.  For the first week after her disappearance, she followed me everywhere, but now she has settled back to her old routines.  Its nice.  She is so lovely.  And even more lovely when she's not my shadow.  Long live my Queen:).

Cats On Tuesday


The Chair Speaks said...

Yes, the Queen must always look polished. :)

Ellen Whyte said...

Isn't;' that deep cleaning amazing? I love the way they nibble undercoats, and then polish top coats! Your queen is a darling.

Gattina said...

Cats have it more easy than us with spring cleaning and on top they do it the whole year long !
My cats also appreciate very much freshly washed bedsheets ! Happy to hear that Uno is back to her old self !

We love Luna said...

They are enjoying such a nice place for a nap, lucky friends there!
Adorable pictures!

Lisa Loo said...

Love how "busy" she's been. And yeah for you biting off that ear! That is the only way to do it and keep it done in my humble opinion.

Boo-Bah AKA Iris said...

The queen is beautiful. She knows how important good grooming is.
We are glad that she is no longer missing.
Yes I have an ugly spot well really two in my house. The living room is stacked with everything from the kitchen while we redo. My computer/sewing/craft room is a real mess. It depresses me. I am trying to clean up the mess but I rather be doing something fun.

We gave you an award. If you are an award free blog, feel free to ignore. It is my way of saying we like your blog and enjoy our visits here.

Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal said...

What a beuty The Queen is :)
My mama also have som ugly spots in their apartment :)
I went missing last week = (I fell out from the window on second floor ). But luckely for me my mama saw me just when I made the fall and ran out to get me :)

Marie said...

Uno is just gorgeous! Please tell her that she is a lovely Queen. Even our Empress MacKayla would agree and she's not easy to impress. William the Orange sends greetings as well as Joel Gray and Giblet the Thanksgiving Kitten :-)