Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sharry Baby Joy

Today while watering the bathroom plants,
I noticed my poor Sharry Baby Orchid has what I think is a spike!!

Last year, after my Sharry Baby Orchid bloomed, I re-potted her in a semi-hydro method.
I was having problems not over watering her,
and was worried I would kill her,
semi-hydro was supposed to take care of that.
I just used a plastic food container,
with drain holes about half way up, and clay pellets instead of soil or bark.

Then I put her in my sunny kitchen window,
because I had read they like a lot of sun.
AND I wanted to make sure she was enjoyed.
(and remembered:).

Her leaf tips spotted up,
but in bright light that is supposed to be ok.
(Yellowing came later)

THEN her once smooth, fat bulbs started shriveling!!!
Not ok.
Not ok at all!!
So she went back to my well lit bathroom.
(I apoligized profusly! And, much to my pleasure, she graciously forgave me:)

Since then,
while in the bathroom,
her new leaves are thick and green,
and new blubs have been full and plump.
 (a sign of a happy orchid)

So, with the excitement of the possible spike, I treated her to a nice shower (to remove the layer of dust).
I trimmed off ALL the yellow, dead, or ugly.
Told her I loved her, as I took her picture,
then came to share my Sharry Baby love on my blog!!

See it? See the all exciting spike????
(on the left, the tiny little point:)

Oh Sharry Baby, how I love thee...
Let me count the ways...

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Mekkan said...

Great! It is indeed like taking care of human children. Right? I have some pots of green on my kitchen floor. It's fun to greet them every morning. Have a nice day!

Tootsie said...

orchids are one plant I have never tried to grow! You are doing a great job and it shows!! wooo hooo!!! a spike is equal to joy! thanks for linking in today...Is that a moses in a cradle I saw on the shelf? I want one soooo one has them here lately...I think I am going to order myself some seeds and see if I can grow my own!
have a great weekend!

BernieH said...

Just wonderful ... how could an orchid resist such love and care? I'm sure Sharry will reward you for all your efforts.

Darla said...

I'm with Tootsie, I have not ventured into orchids, yet. It's nice to be here again. Now that I have found you I'll be a follower so I can keep up with you.

Roslyn said...

Looking forward to seeing Sharry's spike develop further. She's lovely.

Sunny Simple Life said...

Thanks for stopping by. I never have any luck getting my orchids to rebloom so I give them to my MIL and she seems to have the golden touch. If you lived near me I would give you bags of oranges. We always have so many they fall off the trees. I tell my friends to bring bags and pick.