Thursday, January 13, 2011


This was LadyBelle's (spotted basset) first snow.
At first she didn't know what to do, but being the smart girl she is, she followed Reba's lead,
and was soon playing!
Also following Reba's lead, LadyBelle's favorite part of the snow day, was chilling with mom and dad on the warm dry bed, watching the tube.

{We got 4 inches of beautiful fluffy snow, probably all we will get all year. It was lovely, and is fading fast. Also lovely! Happy Winter.}


Gattina said...

This reminds me when my cat Arthur tried to put one paw in the first snow he saw in his young life and didn't dare to go in. I through a little snowball and he ran after it and now he is not afraid anymore.

Janet, said...

Looks like LadyBelle really enjoyed the snow. I don't think our snow is ever going to let up. Snow, snow, snow! It is pretty to look at, but not fun to drive in.

E said...

She is adorable. How did I miss this addition to the family. I had a basset named baby wrinkle hugs.
She had some what the looks of LadyBelle. That dog could climb a six foot fence. But was so lovable.
She was our last dog. From then on only cats came to stay with us along with many other creatures.

Darla said...

Looks like fun to me!

Teresa said...

the first time in snow is always such an experience. great dogs

Queenie Jeannie said...

My cat isn't as crazy about the snow, lol! Luckily we've only had a little this winter and got tons of rain instead.

i cant decide said...

It looks like your doggies had lots of fun. You have gotten more snow in one day than we have gotten all together, so far.