Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public Relations

Now that things have settled down from the 'uproar' of the disappearance and then safe return of our Queen Uno,
focus has now returned to

Peasant, ummm, Public Relations with the pooches.
Princess Blu has taken on her mother, Princess Froggie's opinion of working 'one on one' with the Peasant Pooch populations.
Thanks to night vision photography,
we can see here how some talks run long into the night.
Queen Uno, herself, avoids personal contact with the Peasant Pooch population,
but her policy is one of peace,
and the kingdom can 'rest' assured the rest of the monarchy feels the same. 

~Long Live Queen Uno~
~God Save The Queen!~

Puppy LadyBelle and kitten Blu shared a nap last night.  It wasn't long til they were sleeping side by side, but I couldn't get a picture of them with out waking them and ruining the moment.
Blu didn't start out a dog lover, but she is so curious she couldn't help herself.
The same can be said for LadyBelle.
They love bedtime in our big bed.
And it won't be long until they are best of buds.

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Ellen Whyte said...

There's nothing more comfy than fur company in bed.

Gattina said...

A real family bed ! and where are you ??

Marie said...

Awww, how sweet! I wish our dog got along better with our cats -- they seem to have an uneasy detente at the moment :-)

William the Orange would love to have come see the post about him on our blog -- he loves to see himself in print :-)

Helen McGinn said...

Aw, how lovely!