Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday: 05/19/09

For Mother's Day (from myself)

I ordered from ebay some fun plants.

I was surprised to see plant food,

And a happy face,

Great treat!

My new hibiscus were well wrapped, well watered, and super quick!

If you are interested in hostas, this lady has quite a selection.

Hubby and I went to Lowe's for flower plants for my mom. I found this cool plant on clearance.

(Mulla Mulla, or Pink Pussywillow: Joey Ptilotus exalatus, full sun, semi-moist, 12"x12")

Looks perfect in the new combo pot,

I'm hoping it will continue to bloom when dead headed, and reseed.

I also bought a pot of Aggie Maroon bluebonnets.

But, you can see they bloomed blue!

Thats ok, I just went back and bought one in bloom:)

I'll be saving seeds from these!

(the blue ones needed watering, thats why the leaves are curled up)

What a great hubby who knows for Mother's Day I want cash. Love him, I really do:)

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday!

Come join in or see others!


Unknown said...

Your flowers are beautiful...

Unknown said...

Re: Bunny Tails, my first year with these, I bought a 4 inch pot and they have grown like crazy. Supposed to reseed themselves. I have been checking them for seeds. If I find any, will glady share.

Susan said...

Some lovely finds.

Suzanne said...

Just beautiful! Love your container plants -- so full and lush already!

DP Nguyen said...

What beautiful flowers, Carla!

Paula said...

Love your flower finds - I would have never thought of getting plants on e-bay - thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for sharing! Paula in Idaho

kesslerdee said...

They are all lovely! The blue bluebonnets are very pretty!

Vickie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

That is great packaging! Would make my day.

Your flowers are very lovely.

Valerie said...

Always love beautiful flowers. I love the blue ones. Well it's because blue is my favorite color. lol

Have a blessed day!

Jean said...

I've never thought to look for plants online. The collection of pots grouped together looks great! Jean

~~Rhonda said...

I love hibiscus. DH gave me a red one for Mother's Day. They are great plants. Gorgeous blossoms. Good luck with yours! ~~Rhonda

Gail said...

Is the middle plant a annual? I love them all.

Unknown said...

Hi Carla,

Girl... This Thursday I am posting about nature. You and I are on the same track...

I am finally getting over to your place for Thankful Thursday…. Last week. Yikes, I am a bit behind. Thank you for honoring the Lord with your Thankful heart. I will see you again this Thursday. Hugs

PS. I forgot the computer tip last week but have a good one for this week.

Grammy said...

Those are some cool looking plants. They are amazing finds. My saga palm has some yellow in it now. It want to go back to Texas where there is less water. lol.

Aiyana said...

I've had good luck with Ebay cactus purchases over the years, however, every once in a while they mislabel things, so people need to know what something is supposed to look like before ordering. I love the 'maroon' bluebonnets!

Zaroga said...

Such beautiful flowers. I love the way the flowers were packed for shipping.

Kelli said...

What a fun surprise and your flowers are so pretty. I especially love the blues!
P.s. Have a wonderful long weekend!