Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday! 02/24/08

Butterfly pea vine growth today!! Google search shows the REAL name is clitoria ternatea. (If I am wrong let me know and I will correct it)

You can see the butterfly pea vine growth-five strong vines

Here is the plant 09/07 (bought it 06/07). See the wonderful green leaves? Mine only bloomed where the sun touched the plant. It was too big for its pot and needed lots of water. The vines are floppy and really need a frame-mine was a tomato cage.

Here is a bloom (06/07)-in 2008 I halved my plant and kept the smaller half. It took a while to bounce back and didn't really bloom for me last year. I'm looking forward to a big performance this year.

We went Lowe's shopping Sat. I put our three new fruit trees (two peaches, one pear) on the the front porch so I can enjoy their blooms:). They are currently budding:)

Pansies were on sale...

They also had cyclamen on sale!!! I decided to give my old (healthier) ones to mom for her window sill, and bought a fragrant spotted white,

a fragrant solid white (left)

and a red, dark pink, light pink cyclamen

Look at the cool drooping red buds

Lastly My Angel (wing begonia) spreading her wings

ahhh Bloomin' Tuesday!
I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday! Come join in or see others!


Deb said...

Thank you for stopping by my 1st bloomin Tuesday! Love the plants, can't wait for true spring

The Raggedy Girl said...


Your plants are so beautiful. I have such a black thumb but you made me feel like I could plant a sweet potato because I think I grew one of those once. Love the Angels Wings.

Have a Terrific Tuesday
from Roberta Anne

Anne Fannie said...

Hi Carla, I love all your blooms especially the cyclamens!
The name of the plant on my last picture is called delosperma cooperi, its normally called pink carpet or trailing iceplant, it's a dwarf perennial plant that spreads very nicely and has so many flowers on it in the spring that you cannot see the green leaves. It grows in full sun and a place where there is NO SNOW or Frost!
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!

Unknown said...

The cyclamen blooms look great! So does your butterfly pea photo from last year. Love that colour. You're right about the botanical name. I remember because I had checked when I did my b.pea post last year.

Your peaches and pear must be in huge pots. How long will they stay there? Just curious. Enjoy the blooms!

Nola said...

I've never seen a butterfly pea; that is too cool; I love sweet pea vines, but it gets too hot too fast here to have much luck with them. The angel wing begonia is lovely, too!

playsdolls said...

You have so many wonderful plants,I love the sweet pea vine and the Angel Begonia.Everything is so beautiful

Jean said...

Love the color of the butterfly pea and all the cyclemon. The leves of the begonia are beautiful. Good to see spring on it's way! Jean

Unknown said...

I am so glad you posted more about the butterfly vine, I love it!! You got some great fruit trees and the Cyclamen are pretty too, can't you plant those outside?
Oh and a BIG THANK YOU to the Soldier in the photo!!

Alice said...

Hi again :O). Thanks for the kind comments on my zoo photos. Yes, I took all these photos myself. I love taking shots of animals. Fortunately, so many of these were still and didn't blur :O). That's always helpful. Thanks again - I love comments :O).

I enjoyed looking at all your flower shots in this post, too. I always enjoy visiting your page. I like all your family shots. They are my favorite, and I see them sprinkled among your flower pictures here.

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I have 2 black thumbs, but admire people who can grow things. Your plants are lovely.


Jane Ellis said...

Hi... are you planning to do any vegetable gardening this year?

I found a new product for staking tomatoes... super simple, but very intuitive.
Better than cages or bamboo... which always end up frustrating me.

Happy Gardening!

Suzanne said...

Ok this is getting downright depressing!!! Am I the only one stuck in Winter still! Hmmm. Pardon me... your blooms are lovely.

Belinda said...

Oh, what FUN...this is the first I've heard of Bloomin' Tuesday...what a great idea! I love your butterfly pea vine. What a neat plant, and it has such cute flowers too. Your cyclamens are also really pretty, and it will be nice to see your new fruit trees leaf out as we head into spring. :-)

Brenda Pruitt said...

I have not had the pleasure of having that vine. Very nice. I passed on the Cyclamens last week, but now, after seeing yours, am reconsidering...

Rhonda said...

Ahhh the pansies are my favorite! how great.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Great plants. I especially like the butterfly pea vine. I have a lot of plants also and enjoy taking care of them. Thanks for sharing yours and for letting me know about Bloomin Tuesday. I look forward to visiting her blog and possibly joining.


Lisa Loo said...

It is all soooo beautiful!!! You have such a green thumb!!

Gattina said...

How wonderful ! spring is arriving at your place. Here it's still too cold for flowers.

Carrie said...

These flowers are beautiful...makes me want to go to the nursery and get some too!

kesslerdee said...

you have some gorgeous plants! I love the wing begonia- just beautiful!

Kym-Anne said...

Thanks for your comments on my cupcakes I hope you enjoy them.
Your cyclemens are just beautiful. I've never seen a butterfly pea vine before it's gorgeous.