Monday, February 16, 2009

What's in there really?

Feeling Blue? Well then just go clean out your purse:)
I'm joining Smiling Sally's Blue Monday

Copied from Life with Lisa Ann
What's in there really?
Here's a new tag to have some fun with. It's the purse tag!

Here are the rules:
1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are carrying as of late. No, you cannot go up to your closet and pull out that cute little purse you used back before you had kids. I want to know what you carried today or the last time you left the house. No cheating!

2. I want to know how much it costs =). And this is not to judge. It is for entertainment purposes only. So, spill it. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

3. Tag some chicks. And link back to this post so people know why the heck you're showing everyone your bag.

Now, who doesn't like peeping into other women's purses?????
My wonderful purse: Less than $20 at Walmart. She is so red and beautiful!! I searched high and low for this baby. I needed a purse that would look full even when it wasn't, and not look over full when I stuffed it to the gills. It needed to be pretty enough for fancy places, and humble enough for daily places. Easy to clean, well made. It needed to be easy to get into, and most important, have two BIG outside pockets, one for a bottle of water, one for my coin purse. I actually bought a bottle of water to try out the pockets before I bought it. (yes I get weird looks while shopping, keeps 'em guessing)

The metal loop thing fell off, so I replaced it with a metal loop that was laying around my house (from the pot-rack install)

Ok, here's my stuff!! The gray circle is a purseket, I so recommend these. It is cardboard (to make it stiff) covered material with pockets, to make changing bags easy. Looks like we caught me on a good purse day:). When we travel, I pack this baby with books, note pads, food, camera, all the stuff I want right by my side. When taking the grands, it has bottles, diapers, baby wipes, sippy cups, etc.

Receipts from my shopping spree Friday, paper hearts (just incase I want to leave one somewhere), keys, calculator, someone else's cell, way too many sharpies, loose change, gloves that go else where...

emergency deodrant and cotton swabs (because you never know when you might need them), mints, lip gloss, purple coin purse, free ice cream coupon coin, plastic bags (again, you never know when you might need a plastic bag)...

black mesh bag, bottle of meds that need to go to the medicine cabinet, wallet, list, beads and plastic bubble wrap...

My favorite thing in my purse, this coin purse with card holder that fits in my pocket. Often I don't take my purse in places, I just take this. I tried many coin purses before I found the right water resistant, pocket size. Actually tried them in my back pocket at the store, right infront of the employee so they know I'm not stealing. This is my second one.

In the black mesh bag:

Since I was at it, I went ahead and put the extra stuff elsewhere. All tidy, and ready to go. I love my purse!

There, I feel like I have accomplished something today, so I'm not SO BLUE!!!! Now to get off this computer and tackle this house!!!

Ok, I tag anyone who is brave enough to share, let me know if you are so I can peek into your purse too:)

Oh yea, any one know where I can get those little metal feet some purses have on the bottom?
Update!!! Found 'purse feet' on Ebay!!!!

This is for:

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SmilingSally said...

What a cute way to do Blue Monday. Thanks for sharing.

onlymehere said...

I did this tag once and no one believed me that there was nothing in my purse except my wallet and checkbook. I clean out my purse when I get home each day. I guess I'm weird but I can't stand to have much in my purse or car. Now the house is another story! I'm a clutter bug in there but I'm trying to reform!

Lisa Cobler said...

Love the purseket! I will have to look for one of those. It looks like you got a great bag for the cost!

Gail said...

Once when we were at the lake, someone needed antibiotic, aspirin and bandages. My daughters said ask Mom, she has everything in her purse.

Lordy, I don't think I would ever take a picture of my purse!

The Raggedy Girl said...

Your purse seems very organized. I am very neat in my home but my purse and my car are disaster areas. Really cute post, great idea!

Roberta Anne

Blondie's Journal said...

Very cute Blue Monday post. Everything there but the kitchen sink...or did I miss that?!!


Pink Slippers said...

Neat idea.
With the kiddos gone last weekend I downsized to a real purse. So much lighter.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh dear, the contents of my purse might traumatize people!

Plus I am using a purse I bought years ago at a small leather shop on Long Island, and I have NO memory of what it cost, only that it was on sale and that's why I got it!

Great post, thanks!

Little GrumpyAngel said...

Your purse and it's contents say "sensible woman" all the way. You are way more organized than I can ever hope to be. Fun post! But I will not embarrass myself by showing what's in my purse. I might never live it down:-)

Rhonda said...

ok did you make that purseket thingy or did you buy it someplace? What a great organizing tool! I love it.

Oh and my purse has about a zillion receipts from the past 7ish months. blech!

TJ said...

I couldn't show my purse contents. I've shown my purse many times though. Liz Clairborne that I found for $4.99 at a second hand store. Can't beat it, but the insides... let's just say between my prescriptions, cold meds, and my concealed weapon, you'd think I was some kind of street junkie :)