Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Scandel!! Virgin Queen On The Prowl???

For many years, the people have enjoyed the kind reign of the Virgin Queen.
The people have enjoyed the complete attention of a non-distracted monarch.
But lately, rumors have been swirling of a new interest.
One that might distract their leader's attention away from the people.
First there were reported sightings of Queen Uno 'visiting' an unnamed Tom cat's porch.
THEN sources report seeing their Queen 'smoochy facing' this same handsome fellow!!

This week, an unnamed castle employee, reports THIS at the castle front door.
Is this serous?
Will this affect the current state of affairs?
For the first time in a decade,
Will there be a KING??

For now,
the Queen is NOT talking...

*This message has NOT been approved by Queen Uno*

Cats On Tuesday


Unknown said...

Oh no! How did this leak out to the press! Well, at least he's a handsome fellow. ;) Happy COT!

Gattina said...

Oh my goodness, that could become a new subject for the press, now that Tiger Wood (who is not even a cat has excused himself I don't know for what on TV) Anyway the castle employee has to find out if the unnamed Tom cat is at least from a noble family !

Becky said...

Two adorable cats. The would make a great couple I think!

The Chair Speaks said...

The Queen is certainly very tight-lipped using her paws to prevent any slip-ups.

Elaine said...

LOL!!! So funny!!!


Nola said...

Yep, when those Toms start peeping in the windows and doors, you KNOW you are in for trouble! God save the Queen!


It's almost Spring of course the
"King" will be showing up at the
door to meet the "Queen"! ha ha :)

TorAa said...

Excellent story,
and there are of course lot's of questions.
I'm eager to follow what will happen;)


Andree said...

LOL So funny! She has great taste tho. Those black cats are very handsome!

We love Luna said...

hahaha funny idea for this post, well done! :)
Queen is adorable!
and also that charming visitor!
purrs and love

Irishcoda said...

what a good looking tom! The Queen has excellent taste in toms!

Brooke said...

Oh my gosh... how scandalous! :) The Queen is a beautiful girl.

Snap said...

How much fun is that! The Queen has good taste! :D

eileeninmd said...

Cute kitties and a fun post!

eileeninmd said...

Funny post and cute kitties!

Oskar said...

The beautiful queen deserves one true love!