Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where there is a will...

We went to the beach (20 hour drive) for a week, and on the way back, "just happened" to drive right by some plant nurseries.
(happy happy joy joy)

At the first nursery I bought a couple of beauties, both in 5 gal pots, which hubby made room for in the back of the truck by laying them on their sides.

Then I made a mega haul at the next nursery.
"Where will you put all that?" hubby (always) asks.
"Oh I'll find a spot."
Some road in a empty corner, some in an empty cooler, some in a bucket-under the black tent bag.

This Gerber Daisy (a freebie from the first nursery) rode up front,
these treasures in the bucket,
Hubby put the tent bag on top to protect them...

The Hawaii Hibiscus started out in the back, but due to the FREEZE warning in Austin (it NEVER freezes in Austin, TX), this baby was moved up front, to ride in the cab of the truck.

(for me) we had taken extra coolers, just in case they caught lots of fish, and after emptying out all the dirty clothes we had stuffed in the cooler...
It was filled with more treasures...

These hardy babies rode well in the corner for the 20 hour road trip home...

Finally home, everyone was unloaded fawned over...

I don't know what is more fun,
buying new plants,
finding a place for them at home,
or actually getting in the dirt.

I added a new begonia (dark maroon in the middle) to my kitchen window pot.

I bought a lot of different colored pothos, which I call arrowhead ivy, and added them to my kitchen table spider plant.
I also added in a purple leaved shamrock. I'm interested to see how these do together.

I added the Gerber Daisy to my tropical pot.
Can't wait for spring to really be here, and take this pot back outside and watch it go wild!!
Inside, I have to keep cutting the poor thing back.

Most of the other 'stuff' was just put in this pot with my Hawaii Hibiscus (which I cut all the way back).
Later I will spot light what is what in this pot.
Curious who will do well, and who will need to be moved here too.

Not sure what this is (not hardy, not a spirea), later it will go in my tropical pot.

My 'purple' blue bonnets smell yummy...

Beautiful and sweetly scented...
my hardy orchids (white and purple) are wonderful.

Uno was out this morning, overseeing the photo taking,
ever helpful, that's my old girl.
Have a Lovely Blooming Tuesday!!!!


Elena said...

I love all the plants. It looks like so much fun!

Jean said...

I can't wait to go to some nurseries! We'll enjoy seeing how everything grows this summer. Jean

Anonymous said...

That sounds like so much fun finding all those plants. Everything is so nice & healthy. Aren't you glad they passed "inspection"!!!!!!

Paula said...

Wow these plants are amazing - I am from Idaho and we don't see things like this....thanks for sharing! Paula