Friday, February 26, 2010

Kitchen Window: 02/2010

My kitchen window makes me smile:)
The Kangaroo fern (on left) is new.
A Valentine's day treat.
The cute 'Spring' angels remind me spring is on the way.
(I actually saw a robin!!! Spring is on its way.)
My little "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted" is a wonderful reminder.
L to R:
Thin succulent (aka rhippsalis capilliformis)
Mini African Violet,
And a new (Valentine's day treat) Croton tag says "Banana", looks more like a corkscrew to me.
This new combo (since 10/09) is doing well.
I'm probably going to add the 'corkscrew' in this pot later.
L to R: Two Crotons: Purple leaf and Gold dust, Angel Wing Begonia, Christmas Cactus, Cyclamen

As dreary as it is outside, something colorful pleases my soul.

*Tomorrow is supposed to be 57, partly sunny,
NO wind.
I can't wait to go out and play.
(actually it is CLEANING I have planned,
but it will feel like playing)
How do you people up north stand it?

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Rosie said...

Hello Carla I've just popped over from Tootsies place. I am really interested in your twisted croton - I've never seen the likes of that before.

Gail said...

What a green thumb you have. Even my artifical ones turn brown...on, wait, that's dust.

Your plants are beautiful and I loved that twised one!

The Chair Speaks said...

Beautiful greens in your kitchen. You do have a green thumb.

linda may said...

Very pretty. I am jealous of your grand children.....ah one day..maybe:) what a lovely sentiment that each of them is as wonderful as the other. Lovely.

Tootsie said...

Us folk up north...we are used to it. We go HARD all spring and summer so that we can handle the long boring winters! I actually am not sure I would love my gardens as much if I had to do them year round!'d love them still...
your flaunt this week is great! I have had many of those ones in the didn't seem that the crotons liked me...and I have no luck with cyclamen either...go figure...they were listed as easy to grow and I kill them! lol
have a great week...thanks so much for joining me!

Cindy said...

I enjoyed your plants.
I can't wait for spring!! It is always windy here and damp.

Nola said...

That corkscrew Croton is amazing! I've never seen one like that; wow, isn't mother nature inventive?