Thursday, February 25, 2010


Seems like, around February now, we get snow.
Can you see it falling?
It almost 'sizzles' when it hits the ground.
Here in East Texas, this is BIG stuff!!
Stores are raided for supplies, schools close, people cancel plans,
and snuggle up inside, safe and dry.
(This means pooches also.)
At 3 inches, by 5 pm, we felt like we had a blizzard.
Really, not even thick enough to totally coat the ground, but,
SOOOO pretty, but pictures can't capture it.
But, it kept falling, and as the temps dropped, it kept sticking.
At bedtime we were up to 8 inches.
EIGHT inches.
I really can't remember that much snow EVER.
Again, photos do not do it justice.
Align CenterThe next day, it was still here, and the pooches had a blast romping, rolling, and eating the snow.
I had a blast watching them!!
These are my favorite shots.
It started Thursday, and by Saturday it was all gone.
No ice, no wind (I hate cold wind).

Hound dog Thursday


Anonymous said...

That is the perfect kind of snow to have! Those last pictures especially are sooooo pretty and your pups are precious! Thanks for sharing and have a good day.

Anya said...

Yippieeeeee ....... SNOW
Enjoy :-)

Wonderful collage's !!!!

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Enjoy.... 'cause I put in for an early spring. It was a whoppin 10 here on the Ponderosa this morn and more snow is predicted tomorrow.

Ya'll have a wonderful day and may God bless it!!!

The Chair Speaks said...

Happy animals and lovely pictures!