Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday: 03/05/09 *

Today is WISDOM, I pray for the wisdom to appreciate and give thanks for what I have right here, right now. In that is power, power to feel, power to heal, power to grow, power to know:)

I am so thankful that this doggy is behaving:)
(Miss Reba waiting so patiently for a treat)

I am thankful that Miss Reba shares her 'healing powers' with Taylor,
that Taylor is feeling better after being bit by the flu bug,
that Taylor (who is caring for sick GreatUncle's cows) did NOT set Uncle F's pasture on fire on purpose, but it was an accident. I am thankful for the wonderful fire department that came and saved the day:)

I am thankful for sweet hubby, that doesn't hide his face when I come at him with the camera for 'thankful day'.

I am thankful for Myspace Mike, who willingly drove all the way to Ohio (from Texas) and back to help someone move (love ya Mike, so thankful you got there and back safely)

I am thankful for Myspace Eric, who finishes up his 4 year service in the Navy today, that he was able to enjoy a little New Orleans on the Navy's tab:).

I am SO thankful for the 10 yr old I babysit (and have since he was 13 months old), and the special time we have together. I love his outlook, his gentle spirit.

I am thankful for Facebook Tiffany family pictures from WI! For granddaughter Audrey and her daddy. I am thankful that the angels protected this great guy when he had his car accident. And just left him bruised. That he is now able to stay home with Audrey (while Tiff works) as he heals, and Audrey is not feeling well.

I am thankful for my beautiful Step-daughter Tiffany and my granddaughter Audrey:

I am thankful that Audrey is able to stay home from daycare right now and is getting better, PLUS spending special time with her daddy:)

I am thankful for color and my eyes to see it, in my dishes:

In the colors of the sunset, and my view of it...

I am thankful my menfolk moved the bbq'er to the back yard (WooHoo!:)

I'm thankful for our pile of shoes, that remind me of the sweet feet that wear them, and of abundance:)

I am thankful for my son DJ, my third born, number five in the over all line up. His willingness to serve his country. Spending the weekend with him in our home, as he prepared to leave for Austin, in the final preparation to go overseas in April.
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I am thankful that my hubby took MY previous children as his own, and that the love is mutual. As is the respect.

I am thankful that the military prepares our boys,

I am thankful we were able to see DJ off to the airport. I so enjoy the man his is, and his company!!

I am thankful that my new blogger friend Ernie is able to take her 'bucket list' trip!! AND that she could overnight here!!! WOOHOO!!!
Me and Ernie of The Empty Nest

Travel parenter Sis-in-law Marie and Ernie, THANK YOU GUYS!!! I so enjoyed your visit:, I hope you have a wonderful safe trip:)

I am thankful for my little girls I get to babysit, and the excitement they bring into everyday.
I am thankful for my step-son Aaron, and the life he chooses to live. I hope to see him this year.
I am thankful my family members are on the mend from this flu stuff.
I am thankful for the internet, for pictures of my family and my blogger friends!!
I am thankful I will be keeping the local grands tomorrow, and that hubby is so excited about it!!
Have a GREAT Thankful Day!!

My goal this year is to soak it up, to bloom where I am planted, and enjoy the ride...
Counting my many blessings naming them one by one...
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GranthamLynn said...

Beautiful post. Beautiful people that make you smile. And you even named them one by one.
God is good.

Denise said...

Such sweet blessings, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great group. I recognize that "waiting for a treat" look from your dog. ;)

Sondra said...

Great blessings! I love the colorful dishes. I really like the part about the shoes. I have a huge pile of shoes at my door and some day's I get so aggravated with all of them. Next time I trip over one, I will try to think of what you said and remember that they too are a blessing. :)

Gayle said...

So many wonderful things to be thankful for...and you took the time to do so! You have a very beautful family.

green gables girl said...

Wow, what wonderful things to be thankful for!!! Such a beautiful family...

Tammy said...

OOps, I accidentally posted under daughter's account, since she keeps using my laptop! LOL

Gail said...

Great Thankfuls and beautiful thoughts!

So glad Ernie was able to visit.

Lisa Loo said...

Love how thankful you are and you have a beautiful family!!