Thursday, August 4, 2011

TT: 08/04/11 Week In Review

Last Saturday, SS Mike (and wonderful friend Terry), DS DJ and GF Brittany came over to move some couches.

We went from NO couches (cause we gave ours to Mike), to TOO many couches.

Brittany and DJ 07/11
DS DJ agreed to take a couch and loveseat, so we went ahead and put it in storage.

Grandboy Kale in his BIG BOY car seat & dad Mike 07/30/11
Lil grandboy, Kale, and Brittany hung out with me. 
Very nice, very nice indeed. 

Grands: LauraJune, David, Miah 08/11
Then, on Monday, I picked up these grands, LauraJune, David and Jeremiah. 

"Helping" water plants:)  08/11

We just hung out at the house,

Kitten loving, playing, and just spoiling grandma! 08/11
they were darling, and I got to soak up the goodness. 
DD Misty came and got them Thursday, and I got to enjoy her company too.
Life is good.

Today I am thankful for history. 
Because of our history, my kids are so special,
their special people (friends, girl friends, spouses) are more special,
and my grands are grandier. 
How lovely to have all this and wonderful people to share it with! 

God Bless and Keep You! 


Darla said...

There's a whole lot of sugar in these collages...:)

Grammy said...

So much fun :) Love the head watering too. You got to love those moments.