Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(Royal) Public Service Announcement

An Serious Message From Our Queen
The Gracious Queen Uno would like to take a moment to address a most important topic.
Needless over population of pets.
ESPECIALLY the local Peasant Pooch Patrol Population.

Reba Marie and LadyBelle return home to happy greetings from Mellow and the puppy, after their quick procedures. 

The Queen is glad to publicly report that the local socialized medical coverage for her subjects is well at work.
Royal Kitty or Peasant Pooch, medical care is administered quickly and properly.
Now each of  the Government Employee Basset Peasants Pooch Patrol are now up to date on their procedures.
She is considering contacting OTHER governments and suggesting improvements to THEIR socialized medical coverage for their subjects.
~Please save a life~Spay or Neuter Your Pet~
This message has been approved of by the Queen.
~All Hail Queen Uno~
~Long Live The Queen~

Last year we (happily) had our two female cats fixed, and yesterday I took the two female bassets in and had them done.  
(happy happy joy joy)  
Old basset Mellow, and Uno were done over a decade ago.  
Nice feeling to not have to worry about who is in season and what they are up too.  Reba Marie ( red and white basset) is 6 ish, we had thought about breeding her, but decided to just buy her a baby.  
That baby, LadyBelle (tri-color, mostly red and white spotted), is almost a year and our little travel buddy (Mell and Reba get car sick).  
They went in together, and both stayed at the vet's overnight.  We sure did miss our girls.  
When I picked them up at 8 this morning they were both so happy to see me they loaded themselves, and even though they have stitches, when we stopped at home, they UNLOADED themselves.  
Hubby called twice to see how his girls were.  "Dopey and Happy to be home" I told him.  Currently we have a big rabies problem with skunks, so I'm very thankful we are caught up on our shots too.  Nice to have this done.  Have a super great Tuesday!!  We will.


Unknown said...

Hope they recover easily from their ordeal!

Lui said...

I'm glad everyfurry is covered ;-) and that the Queen is pleased. :-)

Marie said...

I hope everyone recovers quickly and is back to their usual selves very soon! It's funny, my Cats on Tuesday post is about Giblet's procedure -- must have been the week for procedures :-)

Gattina said...

Long live the Queen ! My cats were all spayed at 6 months. Fortunately where I live all cats are spayed !
It would be nice to have a pet insurance (cheap of course) the Queen should think about that !

We love LUNA said...

Our Queen is sooo nice and very beautiful!
I'm sending you all love and purrs!

Becca's Dirt said...

Glad you came by for a visit. It is a good feeling to not have to worry about the females coming in. My little Buddy is fixed. I've been thinking about getting him a playmate. Glad they did well at the vet.

About the nemesia I'm not really sure if it'll come back. I'm really thinking it's an annual. I'm gonna look it up. I'd like to know too.

Lisa Loo said...

We took all 4 kitties in at once--the ride home was hilarious--I should blog about it some time...