Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday: 04/28/09

Rainy week in our forecast, really great for my plants who were starting to wonder if they would ever get water again:)

Rat-tail Radish (more on this later), in bloom and forming seed pods

White Lil Henry Garnet Sweetspire(Itea virginica X 'Sweetspire') starting to bloom,
pink Chinese False Indigo starting to bloom in back;
also in this grouping, obedient plant (right), loosestrife (left), and see the little peek of purple on the left?

It is Red Dragon Fleece Flower (Persicaria microcephala), and I'm so thankful it came back this year.

Isn't it wonderful?? (my fleece flower and loosestrife are not the invasive type)

Amaryllis in bloom:)

Bright White Geranium (from the clearance rack at Lowe's last week)

All new combo, filling in, these are supposed to bloom til frost:)

Little daylily and creeping sedum window box, the sedum blooms yellow and drapes beautifully

Little Daylily buds:)

Beautiful onions from my recent thinning (the other Texas Super Sweets are getting really big)
Growing, harvesting, and using these onions is part of my goal to 'actually' eat what I grow:).


Happy Bloomin' Tuesday!
I'm joining MsGreen "thumb" Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday! Come join in or see others!


Susan said...

Everything looks great!!!

Unknown said...

Good job around there! I have that sedum throughout my garden around the rocks and stepping stones, I love it.

Jean said...

You have so many plants in pots, it must take forever to water it all. Love your combinations. Everything looks super. Jean

Paula said...

Love the flowers bright colors - and your leaves are amazing...such texture and a variety of colors - love them all! Paula from Idaho

Anonymous said...

Aww..rain I could use some of that right now. Maybe it would cool things off a bit. I love the yellow sedum draping over the window box. Your plants look happy to be getting some of Mother Nature's water right now! :)

Suzanne said...

Love all your blooms! The creeping sedum window box is awesome. I've never thought of using it in a container. Beautiful!

Aiyana said...

Nice onions!You mention your goal is to eat what you grow. Have you been giving the produce away? I wish you lived by me! I recognized a couple of your plants, but some I've never heard of. They look interesting.

Brenda Pruitt said...

That's the yellow-blooming sedum I have that I'm so ever-bloomin' crazy about! You can just pluck a bit off and stick it in dirt and it goes to town! Looks so pretty draping over a pot.

Mozi Esme said...

I get envious of your green stuff every week! Though we now have three little planters with little green things sprouting in them after planting seeds last week. Can't wait to see how quickly they grow with this rain...

Grammy said...

You already have onions! WOW! I love the Amaryllis. And all your plants look great. I ordered a biometric calendar so now I have a specific guide to follow.

susan said...

I am ready to get into my garden-yours looks great!

Barbara said...

Carla, Wow another Texan, we should have a get together somewhere in Texas this fall.
Your plants look great.

Come again.

Lisa Loo said...

You have the best pictures--we are just getting rid of the snow--so this looks so amazing!