Saturday, May 7, 2011

FEMA (Camper) Upgrades as of 04/11

Part of the fun of this camper has been searching high and low for the 'perfect' (cheap) camper furnishings:
I'm usually down there Monday-Wednesday, and I know every thrift/dollar/clearance store between here and there:

(before we changed bed placement in bedroom)
I found this cool tiger blanket for hubby for $5.00.
He loves it, and I like it on top of the bed to hide the basset hair Lady provides.:)

(After we moved the bed sideways)
I got this neat blue and red comforter for $3.00. 
I was hoping it would fit my bed at home, but its too small. 
This bed is a regular size and it fits perfectly.

We have an extra faucet hook up in back and I brought along this from home, I'm hoping our next trip down will lead to some roof/siding cleaning;).

Got a long flow-thru brush for that planned cleaning too. 
Also some foam to go in the window where hubby has the dish cable run. 

While at Goodwill with my daughter, she pointed out these A&M pillows. 
Hubby loves A&M. 
I love maroon and my daughter commented I could do the whole camper in Aggie colors and BOTH hubby and I would be happy. 
He agreed,
I'm not so sure...

At the DollarTree (everything is a dollar store) I found this small dish drain rack and matching wash tub. 
I love how it fits on this corner and still leaves so much of the kitchen space open. 
I'd like to find a way to make a little ledge or something to make it more stable. 
(I also LOVE my solar lantern-it needs a better place too.)

LOVE these DollarTree hooks!!!
 I bought quite a few and plan on having them in every room of the camper.

So far so good in the kitchen area;). I want to do more organizing with shelves and hooks, but haven't decided exactly what I want yet...

I bought this cast iron griddle, and these measuring scoops.
I want to figure out a way to put the scoops on the wall for easy access. 

I saw some one pulling one of these and had to ask where they got it. 
Walmart of course. 
Small, with wheels this is just the right size for transporting food back and forth.

And, because I couldn't stand NO greenery, I found the perfect solution, that bamboo stuff that lives in water.
 I put pretty glass marbles in it, and fake orchid type flowers. 

THEN I decided my ZZ plant would do well too...

Added some fake red poppies (which hubby decided the poppies were a good choice for him because the grands call him Poppy;) and it is well on its way. 

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  1. Wow--if I ever get one of these things I so know where to come to to outfit it--you are THE queen! Good job on everything!!